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In my spare time, I am editor-in-chief of Agency.Asia & DesignWeek.Asia - non-for-profit passion-projects surrounding young talents in the Asia-Pacific visual arts industry. Both the magazine and the portfolio repository compliment one another and actively promote emerging talents such as my discovery and brilliant artist, Sara Chong, as they strive to get noticed in the visual arts world.

For this quite daunting social project that I conceived, fund and oversee, I have gathered over a dozen of the world's most celebrated experts in photography, design, digital, multimedia, art direction and illustration, et al, who act as ‘scouts’. I then see that each emerging star that is chosen by a luminary on the portfolio site is exposed to the widest audience possible via the leading industry magazine. I am taking a well deserved rest from the project for a brief while. When I stop and consider that I have conducted every single interview plus written every story, I'm surprised I have time to have a life. Rest assured, we will be back soon! 

Join us!

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